A recent study by Beeyond Media emphasizes the substantial impact of OOH ads on consumer behavior. It underscores the effectiveness in boosting brand awareness, shaping purchase decisions, and driving physical sales. 


Miami, FL – November, 2023 – As brands and agencies gear up for the upcoming holidays and plan their 2024 advertising strategies, Out of Home should be on their list of activations for the new year. A new study conducted by Beeyond Media, a leading programmatic Digital Out of Home advertising demand-side platform (DSP), underscores the significant role of OOH advertising in influencing consumer behavior, pointing to its exceptional impact on driving consumer engagement and purchase decisions.

Key findings from the study include:


  • 80% of women and 77% of men encounter OOH ads every time they leave home, making it a preferred channel for brand interaction.
  • 80% of respondents have researched a company or product after seeing an OOH ad, highlighting the effectiveness of OOH in driving consumer interest and engagement.
  • 69% of consumers have made a purchase triggered by OOH advertising, with 35-44 year-olds and Gen Z/Millennials being significant demographics influenced by OOH ads.


When asked about their preferred ad format, 35% of respondents favored OOH ads, emphasizing the growing impact of OOH in the advertising landscape. Additionally, 54% of 35-44 year-olds frequently make purchases based on OOH ads, indicating the effectiveness of OOH in driving conversions.


Commenting on the study, Beeyond Media CEO, Alejandro Donzis, emphasized, “The study highlights the undeniable growth and effectiveness of the DOOH industry, offering brands a powerful channel to connect with their audience, driving both engagement and conversion.”


The study also debunked the preference for celebrities, influencers and athletes endorsements, with 57% of respondents expressing a lack of preference for such advertisements.


Beeyond Media remains committed to driving valuable insights and advancements in the DOOH industry, and this study underscores its dedication to understanding and shaping the future of out-of-home advertising.


Source: Survey conducted by Beeyond Media in the US, featuring respondents aged 16 to 54, including both men and women. October 2023. 


About Beeyond Media

Beeyond Media was founded in 2019 by CEO Alejandro Donzis in an effort to bring transparency, efficiency and innovation to the classic advertising channel. After consolidating operations throughout Latin America, the DOOH company expanded into the U.S. and Canada in 2023 where they saw large opportunities for growth. This year, DOOH is projected to grow, capturing 37.2% of all OOH revenue. With access to over 1 million devices throughout the Americas, Beeyond Media continues to usher DOOH advertising into the future and help brands like Chanel, L’oreal, American Express, and Heineken inspire people wherever they go.