Women's Empowerment in Digital Out of Home



WE.DOOH (Women's Empowerment in Digital Out of Home) is a network powered by DPAA, in partnership with Advance Women at Work, that unites women working at DPAA member companies and across our ecosystem. We harness and celebrate the talents and skills of women working at DPAA member companies, encourage and push for more representation at the podium, on panels, at events, and strive to engage younger generations of women to get involved with Digital Out of Home and our extended ecosystem.




Jenn Willey, CEO of Wet Cement, leads WE.DOOH webinars, workshops and produces our Fearless in Five video series that gives quick business tips to women working in the industry. Advance Women at Work, a division of Wet Cement (www.wet-cement.com), supports business growth through gender equality program design and deployment to accelerate the advancement of women in business and empower men to become modern leaders.

Jenn Willey



WE.DOOH is chaired by Debbie B. Drutz, President, Novus and DPAA Board Member.

Debbie has provided strong leadership throughout her career and personal life at Rogers Communications, Bell Media and now Novus Media.


Debbie B. Drutz




  • APRIL 7 — 11:30 am. ET — Webinar : Sharpening Your Negotiating Skills


  • MAY 19 — 11:30 am. ET — Webinar : Innovation through Inclusivity


  • JULY 15 — Summer Networking Event


  • SEPT 30 — Workshop : Building Connections to Level Up Your Career


  • OCT 13 — WE.DOOH at Video Everywhere Summit


  • NOV 10 — Webinar : Promoting Yourself At Work


WE.DOOH runs webinars and in-person workshops throughout the year. To request an invitation to any WE.DOOH event, please contact ajay.durani@dpaaglobal.com


Fearless in Five Videos

Fearless in Five videos share quick, easy tips you can take to achieve your potential. Each Fearless in Five episode helps you understand what 5 steps you can take to boost your confidence, communication and connections – all in two minutes!


 WE.DOOH   Empowerment   Profile 


Debbie Drutz — President, Novus Media

Debbie Drutz is the President of Novus Canada, North America’s premiere Print and OOH Specialist agency. Novus leverages media services, geo-spatial planning and analytic capabilities to provide comprehensive media strategy programs to allow brands to reach their audiences where they are. Bringing over 20 years of extensive knowledge in the industry, Debbie joined Novus to shape the strategy and vision of the company, and to lend her expertise to driving growth for Novus and its partners. Debbie has a deep passion and enthusiasm for media, and excels in not only understanding audiences’ focus, but also in building effective and collaborative teams that can execute Novus’ mission.

Prior to Novus, Debbie held several leadership positions within Bell Media, where she led several teams to deliver innovative media solutions, campaigns and exceptional service across key markets in Canada within 5 key product lines. Her previous experience includes directorial roles in Rogers Communications and Astral Media Radio respectively.

Debbie holds several certificates, including a Program on Negotiation & Leadership through the Harvard Law School and a Mental Health Leadership Certificate from Queens University, and was awarded Best in Sales in 2016 from www.Notable.com. She currently serves on the board of directors for the DPAA, and chair of the association’s WE.DOOH initiative.

Debbie holds an MBA from Ivey Business School (2018), a Statistical Science Degree from the University of Western Ontario (1998) and graduated with the Award of Excellence, at Humber College’s Media Sales Post Graduate Diploma Program (1999). Outside of media, she is a certified spin instructor and has a passion for dance and fitness.