The Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) leads the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) industry as marketing to consumers outside the home is experiencing aggressive growth versus advertising inside the home, which is continuing its fragmented decline.

The DOOH growth is due to societal shifts where people are spending more time out and about in urban areas.  Additionally, the proliferation of digital screens outside the home with their ad-friendly capabilities, coupled with the fragmentation of ad opportunities inside the home, paves the way for this continued ascension of media spend to DPAA members. The important and wide use of mobile and location data has further empowered these screens to become powerful targeting mechanisms offering up new means of addressability and attribution.

DPAA fosters collaboration between advertisers, agencies, ad-tech, mobile companies, location data, software, hardware and others while providing guidelines, standards, best practices and industry-wide research all promoting the effectiveness of digital place based advertising.


The DPAA Board of Directors provides strategy and direction for the association. Elected by the general membership, the Board consists of leaders in the digital place based media space who work collectively to shape and strengthen the industry.

Advisory Board

DPAA Advisory Board members are agency and industry executives who are

  • Experienced in creating , planning and buying advertising
  • Passionate for growth, change and progress in advertising
  • Thought leaders into how to help Digital Place Based Media industry grow

As part of this elite group, they

  • Advocate the positive aspects of digital place-based media within their organizations
  • Participate in quarterly Board meetings with DPAA members
  • Contribute their expertise and thought leadership for the better of the industry
  • Collaborate with the relevant committees & task forces on industry wide initiatives
  • Provide executive level thought leadership and support



Committees are the working groups that bring DPAA initiatives to life.  Committee membership is open to anyone from a DPAA member company in good standing.

To aggressively drive growth and identify compelling paths forward, collaboration among our stakeholders is critical. To this end, the DPAA committee structure is based on the following tenets to promote focused dialogue on DPAA  priorities:

Committees are cross populated with DPAA members, Agency Advisory Board members and clients, as necessary depending upon the focus of the committee.

Standing Committees

Entertainment Committee
Media Operations Committee
Mobile Integration Committee
Research & Standards Committee
Programmatic Council

Select Committees

Select committees are formed to carry out functions not covered by the standing committees. These committees exist only as long as it takes for them to complete their work and report back to the members.  The deliverable may be an actual document such as a white paper or guideline or some kind of educational series that helps agencies and networks.