Helping Advertisers Maximize Their Marketing Investment

DPAA membership helps you grow your business by connecting all parts of the Digital Place-Based and Video Everywhere advertising ecosystems. Through the exchange of ideas and working on common solutions, members collectively help drive more revenue into the space. DPAA provides a forum for collaboration between DPB networks, ad tech firms, research companies, content providers, media agencies and advertisers. DPAA members have access to member only meetings, white papers, research, consultation from the team and much more.

Member Benefits

DPAA is your business accelerator – empowering your sales and marketing teams, promoting you to brands and providing you a platform to showcase thought leadership. DPAA is a boutique trade group, a community that fosters business and personal growth. Membership provides a credible “Seal of Approval” to the ad community.

  • Business development, sales generation, marketing and staff support
  • Marketing partnerships with ANA, MyersBizNet and others
  • CES and Cannes Lions curated tours and experience
  • Closed door advertiser/agency meetings
  • Insights from Strategic Planners Study
  • Takeaways from Media Buyers Survey
  • Industry revenue growth and trends
  • Social media amplification of your initiatives
  • Educate teams on all media, digital, research, programmatic
  • Develop guidelines, best practices and standards to advance industry
  • Integration into DPAA’s roadshow to brands and agencies promoting video everywhere and digital screens
  • Part of select panels at industry events where DPAA speaks
  • Work with networks, agencies and ad tech at industry level to
    advance your business and personal growth
  • Newsletters and recaps
  • White papers on relevant industry topics
  • Direct industry investment and education
  • Webinars to educate clients
  • Video Everywhere Summit presence, coordination, sponsorship


Turn on your immediate amplification!

• Your logo in DPAA member directory
• Press release announcing your membership
• Interview with C-level executive in Digital Signage Pulse
• Present to membership and agencies at next DPAA meeting


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