Helping You Maximize Your
Marketing Investment

Membership helps you grow your business by connecting all parts of the Digital Place-Based and Video Advertising ecosystems.
Through the exchange of ideas and working on common solutions, members collectively help drive more revenue into the space.

We provide a forum for collaboration between digital networks, ad tech, research companies, content providers, media agencies and
advertisers. DPAA members have access to member-only meetings, white papers, research, consultation from the team, and more!

Turn on your immediate amplification!

• Widely circulated press release announcing your membership
• Publically released Interview with C-level executive
• Present to members and agencies at an upcoming DPAA event

DPAA is the global trade group and business accelerator with over 165 member companies.
Membership consists of:

Media owners
Data Specialists
Retail Partners
Hardware Companies
Content Management Systems
Software Companies
Mobile Ad Specialists
Location Data Companies
Content Providers
Real Estate Companies
Financial Institutions
Ad Integrators
AdTech Innovators
Transportation Specialists
…and others

all driving ad growth outside the home!

Reach out for more information on membership and to gain access to a list of our members.