About The Study:


After the significant disruption to advertising investment faced by the entire media ecosystem in 2020, Canadian out-of-home media in 2022 continues to not only recover, but to gain momentum thanks to its digital transformation, powerful creative canvas and mainstreaming as a channel within overall digital and video media planning. This report uncovers what has worked well for DOOH advertisers to date, what’s accelerating DOOH growth in the coming year, and additional advancements that will unlock future investment.


Key Findings:



  • 77% of omnichannel advertisers have launched a new DOOH campaign in the last 12 months
  • Nearly half of media plans now include DOOH component
  • Out-of-Home investment slightly favors digital (58%) over static/traditional (42%) placements
  • 84% of omni-digital advertisers will recommend DOOH in the next 12 months
  • 58% of those already using say they will up their investment levels in 2022, with 18% predicting double-digit growth (increase of 10% or more) in their DOOH spend
  • Ad spend comes from a variety of channels truly showcasing the omnichannel nature of DOOH with less than half (47%) allocated from a dedicated OOH budget.

For access to the questionnaire please contact Noah.Klas@dpaaglobal.com