The DPAA DEI Advisory Board was formed in 2020 with the purpose of driving diversity into the OOH industry.
Numerous studies show companies with a more diverse workforce are more innovative, more lucrative, and in general are more successful.


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Diverse Talent Initiative.

DPAA has partnered with the IRTS Foundation to help bring new, diverse talent into the OOH industry. IRTS runs a well renowned fellowship program (internships) aimed at bringing minority and diverse students into the media business. For the first time, they will be offering Digital Out of Home internships.

Guidance to Mediacom U.S. interns.

DPAA gave guidance to Mediacom interns, as part of their final project the intern groups presented to a panel comprised of DPAA Board member companies.

Global Mentorship Opportunities.

DPAA is working with MediaForAll at bringing their successful UK based mentorship program to the rest of the world.

DPAA Accelerator Series.

DPAA programmed an IRTS Accelerator Series session for their current fellows. Speakers including Barry Frey, CEO of DPAA, Monique Nelson, CEO & Chairman of UWG, and Heawon Yoo, Sr. VP of Marketing at Lightbox OOH Video Network gave a series of presentations and answered questions to an audience of 50 IRTS fellows on the state of Digital Out of Home.

Why Diversity Matters.

Vignettes played at DPAA Global Video Everywhere Summit to audience of 1700 ad professionals. These vignettes featured top Industry professionals giving their take on “Why Diversity Matters!”