New DPAA Member to be Featured at DPAA Global Summit


NEW YORK – August 9, 2023 – DPAA, the global trade marketing association, driving the growth and digitization of out-of-home media today and its growing role in the omnichannel mix, announced today that Beeyond Media, a leading programmatic DOOH demand side platform, counting with over 600K screens, joined the association. In addition, the company is a sponsor of the October 10 DPAA Global Summit, for more information click here.


Beeyond Media helps brands and agencies add programmatic digital out of home advertising into their marketing mix, using their efficient location planning platform. With its highly advanced audience segmentation tool, Beeyond provides advertisers with valuable insights into their audience’s behaviors to plan and execute highly targeted ads. It also offers complementary expert services, including strategy, media planning, and execution, to orchestrate impactful advertising campaigns on electronic billboards and various other digital displays.


“We are pleased to have Beeyond Media as part of our robust community of members,” said Barry Frey, President & CEO of DPAA. “We look forward to their active participation and sharing of knowledge.”


“DOOH advertising has reached a significant turning point in its evolution, and we are dedicated to propelling this transformation by adopting the right approach, placing a strong emphasis on transparency through our robust platform”, said Alejandro Donzis, CEO of Beeyond Media. “We are excited to become part of the global DPAA community, as it enables us to leverage the power of collaboration and drive our mission of providing brands and agencies with an enriched outdoor advertising experience”.


About DPAA

DPAA is the global trade marketing association, driving the growth and digitization of out-of-home (OOH) media and its growing role in the Omnichannel mix. DPAA’s Global Summit on October 10 in New York is the largest one-day media/marketing event. CMOs from McDonald’s, Pepsi, Danone and others are set to speak, more information can be found here. Membership in the DPAA community brings many business acceleration benefits, including a wide array of products. DPAA offers members an extensive database of research, best practices and case studies; tools for planning, training and forecasting; social media amplification of news; insights on software and hardware solutions; further integration into the advertising ecosystem by connecting DOOH networks, brands, agencies, ad tech and others.


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About Beeyond Media

Beeyond Media was founded in 2019 by CEO Alejandro Donzis in an effort to bring transparency, efficiency and innovation to the classic advertising channel. After consolidating operations throughout Latin America, the DOOH company expanded into the U.S. and Canada in 2023 where they saw large opportunities for growth. This year, DOOH is projected to grow, capturing 37.2% of all OOH revenue. With access to over 600,000 devices throughout the Americas, Beeyond Media continues to usher DOOH advertising into the future and help brands like Chanel, L’oreal, American Express, and Heineken inspire people wherever they go.