Mar 16 2023


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Women’s Empowerment Webinar Series — Special Guest from Dentsu


Research shows men are more likely to build sponsor and mentor relationships to help them navigate tricky situations at work, position themselves for promotions, etc. All too often women are told to find a mentor or sponsor but aren’t sure where to begin. The result is women are not promoted at the same rate as male counterparts.

We’ll make it easy for you to map out a plan and build your own personal board of directors who can help on your professional journey, showing you how to build those win-win relationships. This valuable and actionable workshop will help you identify the critical role sponsors, mentors, peer thought partners, allies, and protégées play in supporting their careers. Participants recognize their personal career growth needs, learn the value that each member of a personal board can provide, and build a network of trusted partners who will share a vested interest in their future.

This workshop is open to all DPAA members. If you are an ally, you’ll understand the role you can play, while learning new strategies that will help you continue to fast-track your success as well.