What does Displayforce do? Explain the technology and process?

Displayforce.ai is a platform for AI-powered Autonomous marketing for Brick and Mortar. In other words, performance marketing in offline using digital signage and audio. Using AI and anonymous video analytics the solution allows analyzing visitors, showing them an advertisement they’re more likely interested in and tracking engagement to optimize campaigns.

In fact, with Diplayforce retailers and brands can have a full understanding of their in-store marketing process with all the metrics. Just like it happens online with paid ads.

We provide the all-in-one solution: the platform itself with capabilities of creating, analyzing and distributing digital signage content; seamless management of a network of screens, and screens installing which our technical partners can choose and provide if needed.


What makes Displayforce technology different, what is your unique selling proposition.

Displayforce.ai gives wide possibilities both in terms of user functionality and technical aspects. Displayforce.ai user gets in-store video analytics with no need to integrate external services; Programmatic ads based on CPV (Cost per View) model; possibility to use all types of content: video, interactive scenarios, background music; no-code content editor to decrease developers time spend on marketing support.

It’s also an enterprise-grade on-premise solution with broad hardware compatibility: you can support 10 000+ devices from one place; use any operating system; any type of devices: TVs, Videowall, LED screens, in-store audio, etc with up to 12K resolution support. And you only need a couple of days to implement the whole system.


What are the benefits to the brands, retailers, media owners, consumers?

For brands, Displayforce.ai is a possibility to finally digitalize offline marketing: personalize offers, prioritize indoor activities based on detailed analytics and eventually increase ROI of this channel.

Retailers get additional revenue providing significantly more brands with marketing placement using self-service white-label Programmatic DSP. It allows brands to run campaigns with any budget and without the help of a content manager. Since there are no limitations for brands and no efforts required from retailers, significantly more brands can use retailers’ digital signage for advertising. One of our retailer clients provides marketing placement for more than 1200 brands after implementing Displayforce.ai instead of 16 brands before. 75 times more! Hard to believe but such a result is obvious when a machine works instead of a human.

For media owners and service providers, Displayforce.ai is another marketing tool that they can suggest to their customers so they can become more digital, make their audience more satisfied and indoor marketing measurable, and eventually turn Store into Media. Also, they get their own branded Programmatic SSP (Supply-Side-Platform) to manage bids and approve campaigns of thousands of brands from one place.

Consumers benefit from the solution too. They say everybody hates the ads, right? But only up to that moment when the ads exactly match your needs. When you ‘accidentally’ find the right product or service even having no idea how to search. It usually happens online when professional marketers run paid ads with correct settings. With Displayforce.ai it’s now possible offline too.


How far along is the company, do you have success stories. 

In just 1 year Displayforce.ai has connected more than 38,000 touch points in 7 countries. Now we have about 30 companies among clients and partners including METRO, BOSCH, Electrolux, Apple, Intel and Microsoft.


What are retailers and brands seeing in terms of consumer engagement?

On average, our clients observe up to 42% sales uplift, about $1000 savings of IT and marketing costs per store monthly, and about $3000 of additional revenue per store monthly on ads.


In what countries do you currently work? Are you expanding into other markets?

We’re working globally consequently developing new markets with the support of our local partners — service providers, system integrators and media owners in each country. It’s relatively easy because of the simple solution implementation and fast onboarding of new partners by our experts.