Digital Proof of Performance



  • Provide simple and consistent guidelines for all DPAA members on how to best handle Proof of Performance reports for Digital Place Based networks
  • Ensure that PoP reports reinforce DPAA member networks’ value and professionalism


  • Guidelines for PoP execution are necessary to ensure continuity across reports and to illustrate sufficient fulfillment of contract terms to Advertisers/Agencies
  • With the industry’s varying digital network offerings, it is important to maintain common requirements (discussed below) and language/terms across all platforms


  1. Campaign Name & Contract # (if applicable)
  2.  Agency/Client
  3. Start Date & End Date of contract/campaign as negotiated
  4. Date PoP document is generated
  5. Outline Contracted vs. Delivered Terms
    1. For multiple market buys, the PoP should provide data by market and as a total for the overall buy
    2. Include any “bonus” elements, even if they are not part of original contract
    3. If there are multiple pieces of advertising creative, reporting should be provided for each
      1. Markets Contracted vs. Markets Delivered
      2. Screens/Venues Contracted vs. Screens/Venues Delivered
      3. Ad Units Contracted vs. Ad Units delivered
      4. Audience impressions contracted vs. audience impressions delivered
  6. Sample Photographs
    1.  Photos, if applicable, should be provided as a representative sample as per contract.


  • It is not necessary to have one standardized format when the networks and offerings differ by vendor. It is, however, necessary for the PoP to accurately reflect that contract terms have been fulfilled. Whatever format chosen by each DPAA member, the PoP data must be easily accessed and understood by clients and agencies.


  • PoP (Proof of Play) should be provided within 15 days of campaign start date
    • Proof of Play consists of confirmed venue list with initial playback counts
  • PoP (Proof of Performance) should be provide within 30 days of campaign end date
    • Proof of Performance consists of verified venue list (any relocations included) with final playback that indicates fulfillment of contract terms



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