Here’s what moviegoers are saying!

NCM recently conducted two focus groups with NYC and LA Moviegoers of its online community of 6,500 movie enthusiasts called Behind the Screens (BTS).  Given new requirements for entry to entertainment/outdoor  venues (proof of vaccination in NYC and masking in LA) two sessions were held to better understand the potential impact on moviegoers in each market.

“As we all expected, when great content returned to theaters, the audiences returned as well, as moviegoing is one of the activities they missed most during the pandemic. Nothing can replicate the communal experience of immersing in the world’s most incredible content on the biggest screen!”

Scott Felenstein President, sales, marketing and partnerships NCM

MoviegoerFocusGroupInsights_Aug 19 2021

Focus Group Insights

1.) Moviegoing Continues:  A missed activity when theaters were closed, they are going back to the movies and they are comfortable with safety protocols such as masking and/vaccine mandates.  Participants are comfortable attending the movies with friends and family. It’s an event that they plan for and enjoy.  When attending with children, they wear masks and will continue to keep wearing masks.  ALL the focus group participants had seen recent releases (Cruella, Jungle Cruise, Black Widow, Free Guy, Respect) and planning on going back with family and/or friends in the next few weeks. Shang Chi, Dune and Bond were the most awaited titles.

2.) Vaccine Mandate: NOT a deterrent.

NYC Group: Very comfortable with the vaccine mandate, prefer to know that everyone at a facility is vaccinated, didn’t believe that the honor system was sufficient – prefer the city-mandated/validated policy

LA Group: Happy to follow the mask-mandate and would like to have the vaccine mandate

Overall feedback: Vaccine mandate makes it safer to go out and engage in leisure activities without the fear of corona or variants


3.) Streaming vs. Theaters: Consistent with numerous studies that have been done, moviegoers in the focus group are avid streamers and prefer in-theater over at home viewing experience.

Of note, one of the participants splurged on a big-tv during the pandemic but prefers the BIG-SCREEN!