JOKR is changing the way New Yorkers are getting their groceries. Its mission is to change retail by delivering a smarter, faster, and more enjoyable shopping experience to the urban neighborhoods they service. JOKR’s app offers an inventory of 1,500 household and grocery items available for delivery within 15 minutes at the same prices that can be had at traditional grocery stores.

Sustainability is a huge part of the JOKR business model and data is how they make that happen. They create a network of strategically placed micro-hubs in each neighborhood they service. Data helps predict what items will be needed to minimize waste and make sure the right products are available. This model enables them to offer a huge inventory of products with availability as quickly as 15 minutes – with way less waste than traditional grocery stores.

Supporting local businesses is also a key proposition. Locally produced small business products are a staple of JOKR’s inventory. This helps differentiate its product offerings and help the goal of making each neighborhood thrive.

When it came time to launch the app in NYC, small teams, tight budgets, and short timelines proved to be a challenge. JOKR bypassed using a traditional media buying firm and turned to Advertising Tech startup Adkom to help launch the Out-of-home campaign. Adkom runs a marketplace of independent media owners which lets a brand or agency launch a complete multi-touchpoint OOH campaign through just one vendor. The simplicity of activation is what impressed JOKR Marketing Manager Elaine Tobin, “Working with Chris Farnkopf made building and deploying a media plan almost as easy as ordering groceries through our app! They offered a combination of cool formats that are driving results for our brand.”

Adkom strategically located giant Manhattan wallscapes for large impactful messaging. Citi Bike Kiosks were utilized every couple of blocks to dominate important blocks. Lyft Taxi-Top video boards were geofenced to neighborhoods they service. This spectacular combination of media helped make JOKR ubiquitous in its market area and is helping drive a successful product launch. This strategy gives them 100% share of voice with no wasted impressions.

JOKR’s strong business plan didn’t come together overnight. They already have an established  global footprint in Mexico, Austria, Poland, Peru, and Colombia. The knowledge they learned in other regions should help guide their success stateside.

New York City is just the starting point of their US growth plans. JOKR is already live in neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens will soon be expanding into additional major metropolitan areas too. Look for JOKR in your neighborhood in the near future!