Berlin, 9th of April 2024 – It Works, a pioneering force in the advertising industry, is excited to announce its recent partnership with Adsquare, a global Location Intelligence Platform. This collaboration offers It Works’ clients advanced audience targeting capabilities and precise footfall measurement to enhance their programmatic out-of-home campaigns.


Through this partnership, It Works gains access to Adsquare’s audience scoring solution, which prioritises privacy while enabling effective audience targeting. Using a movement behaviour prediction engine, Adsquare combines mobile audience data with SDK-derived location data, connecting audience segments to Out-of-Home locations. The result is a predictive audience index, scoring each audience segment for every unique location and hour of the day. This enhances the ability of It Works’ clients to precisely plan and deliver programmatic OOH campaigns, ensuring effective reach to desired audiences. As the data is fully integrated in to LOCATRICS Superview, the full-service platform for public media, it has never been easier to operationalise the insights of Adsquare’s audience insights.


Furthermore, as part of this collaboration, It Works is proud to offer its clients an innovative footfall measurement solution provided by Adsquare. This solution enables accurate tracking and measurement of store visitation throughout the campaign, providing valuable insights into the impact and effectiveness of OOH campaigns. It Works’ clients can utilise Real-Time Footfall Measurement to make informed decisions and optimise their advertising strategies for maximum ROI.


“We are very happy to have extended our collaboration to a full-size partnership in order to offer high-quality actionable insights to our clients. By seamlessly integrating into Locatrics’ analytics, planning, and buying processes like never before, we elevate insights to unprecedented levels of effectiveness. This empowers our clients to leverage data-driven decisions, enabling them to implement advertising strategies with unparalleled precision and impact.”, says Lars Kirschke, CPO It Works.


The partnership covers the German market.



About It Works
It Works, a leading independent agency specialising in public media solutions, has an innovative approach to navigating the dynamic landscape of modern advertising. With a deep understanding of evolving mobility trends and connected communication, It Works utilises data-driven strategies and cutting-edge technologies to craft tailored media solutions across Out-of-Home (OOH), Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), Mobile, and digital advertising platforms. Committed to neutrality and independence, It Works provides comprehensive support to agencies and advertisers, guiding them from consultation through optimisation to campaign execution and monitoring. A technological solution for this offers the self-developed all-in-one platform Locatrics Superview, which controls OOH and DOOH programmatically across all providers from a single source. This guarantees customers maximum efficiency, neutrality and user-friendliness. For more information, please visit


About Adsquare
At Adsquare, we redefine marketing through cutting-edge location intelligence, empowering impactful omnichannel campaigns with strict adherence to data protection standards.


We are the award-winning cornerstone for enhanced campaign planning, precise audience targeting, and robust measurement.


Adsquare has rapidly become a global force, integrated with market-leading platforms and our accurate and consented data are the secret sauce for those looking to elevate their marketing effectiveness.


Established in 2012, Adsquare has earned the trust of 1,800 global brands and agencies and operates in 30 countries. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, we have a global presence with offices in 9 locations worldwide.
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