The outdoor campaign effectively targeted urban audiences leveraging locations witnessing high footfalls in metro cities during the festive season.


Nov 2022 – HP India has launched its latest range of HP spectre 360 laptops with a multi-city programmatic digital out-of-home campaign enabled via Lemma, the largest SSP for digital out-of-home and Yahoo, as the demand side platform.

The campaign jointly executed by Lemma and Yahoo for HP aimed to reach urban outdoor audiences during the festive season in locations that attract the desired target audience for the brand. The campaign was activated at malls and airports, identified as prime clusters mapped to the campaign’s key target audience, arrived at utilizing Lemma’s advanced audience buying and predictive analytics tools

HP Spectre 360’s large format video creative was activated across metro cities with a clear call to action to scan the QR code and identify the nearest store. Peak hour ad rendering on screens offering high dwell time via programmatic technology powered the latest campaign.


“We are delighted to have once again collaborated with Lemma to get the most out of our programmatic DOOH campaigns, achieving top funnel, flexible timing and targeted audiences for HPs objectives with the Spectre 360 product launch, says John McNerny, Sr. Dir., Yahoo.


Commenting on the campaign, Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma, said, “Programmatic Digital out of home enables brands to capitalize on the audience’s newfound appreciation for the outdoors. Leveraging advanced targeting tools and audience buying, marketers can reach the right target audiences at scale through large digital outdoor ads with minimal spillage.”


He continues,” HP’s campaign enabled by our integration with Yahoo’s DSP is a perfect example of how brands can use pDOOH effectively to reach audiences during the festive season by being present at sites with heavy foot traffic without exiting the digital media ecosystem.”




About Lemma

Lemma is the fastest-growing independent SSP for Digital Out of Home, envisioning the transformation of DOOH into the mainstream digital ecosystem by establishing direct connections with leading global Demand Side Platforms. Lemma has enabled multi-channel buyers and suppliers to connect and transact in DOOH without modifying their platforms or doing a custom integration. This is a massive leap forward for the OOH industry, as it increases both access to supply and demand from a wider array of programmatic buyers and sellers around the globe, including APAC, AMERICAS & EMEA.