Jun 27 2023


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Women’s Empowerment Webinar Series — Special Guest: FabFitFun

Special Introduction by: Katie Rosen Kitchens, Co-founder & Editor, FabFitFun


Channel Your Inner Hero and Become Your Own Best Advocate

While women know they need to advocate for themselves to achieve their professional potential, there is no ‘playbook’ for understanding how to do this. Until now.

In this new workshop, we examine the internal and external barriers holding women back. We address some of the key moments when confidence may falter and as a result, we may ‘shut down’ or self-sabotage – moments like when we need to share creative ideas, speak in front large groups, position ourselves for promotion, manage microaggressions and overcome interruptions, and what specifically you can do to navigate each and every one. You will learn new strategies and language to feel empowered to advocate for your needs. And we will hear from leaders across the DOOH industry to understand the moments that have given them pause, and how they would navigate tough territory today.


You will leave with:

  • Knowledge of “trigger moments” and situations when you may find yourself shying away from advocating for yourself.
  • A plan to tackle the challenging moments that will set you up for success.
  • Simple methods and language to make it easy for you to be your own best advocate.