• The two operations remain independent, operating under the same group
  • The group takes the lead in the Out Of Home market in Brazil
  • This is a coming together of two 100% Brazilian companies that have been enormously successful in recent years, to create a giant
  • Revenue for 2020 is forecast at R$ 700 million


February 2020 –   Eletromidia announces the complete acquisition of shares in Elemidia in a deal agreed on January 31, making the company the clear leader in the Out of Home (OOH) communications segment in Brazil. Revenue is forecast at R$700 million for 2020, and the group has established itself as the largest media platform in the Brazilian OOH market.


Eletromidia and Elemidia have become a giant in the market, offering complete products for advertisers, impacting the entire consumer journey. The companies now have more than 60,000 advertising spaces for advertisers, 70% of them digital.


The acquisition of Elemidia comes after H.I.G. Capital, a global leader in private equity investment in mid-sized companies, with more than $35 billion under management, earmarked funds for Eletromidia to complete the deal. Prior to that, Elemidia, under the management of the current fund, had been through a cycle of significant growth year after year, launching brand new products in the market, such as in residential elevators and innovative and pioneering formats in malls. After H.I.G. Capital invested in 2013, Eletromidia grew by more than 700% up to the end of 2019.


Eletromidia and Elemidia, combined, now have the broadest network of OOH media assets in Brazil, with advertising spaces in residential and commercial building, shopping mall, transport, airport and street furniture segments. They will now offer their clients – agencies and advertisers – the possibility of running more creative and technological campaigns, with unique coverage differentials. Elemidia’s digital platform offers programmatic ad-solution, using big data and geolocation, which result in impactful deliveries and customized campaigns created with agencies from the planning stage. The companies plan to multiply this delivery power with more technology and segmentation, using the potential and scope of Eletromidia to go still further.


With customize and high quality content powered by technology, expertise and huge delivery capacity, Elemidia’s advertisers include the most innovative brands in the new economy, running real-time campaigns that are appropriate to each mindset, always with a view to build close, relevant relationships with the audience. The complementarity of the companies comes with the broad reach and increased number of advertising spaces Eletromidia offers, reaching a broader audience.


“The dream of uniting these companies goes back a long way and makes sense to advertising market. Eletromidia is a force with broad, robust coverage and delivery. Elemidia offers cutting-edge activations, supported by technology and data. Complementarity is down to the sum of talent at the two companies. We can look at all this together and see a very impactful future because they are two strong brands and are recognized by the market,” says Eduardo Alvarenga, CEO of Elemidia.


Daniel Simoes, CEO of Eletromidia, celebrates the acquisition at a time when OOH media is gaining in relevance in Brazilian advertising investment. “I would like to welcome Eduardo and the entire Elemidia team. We look forward to working together to deliver innovative, high-quality services for our clients with an even larger portfolio. Now we are impacting audiences in every social class, with total mastery of environments in a combination that makes both companies stronger,” he says.


About Elemidia

Elemidia is a Brazilian benchmark in the digital out of home (DOOH) media segment, with more than 20,000 screens in 53 cities in 16 States, and a weekly audience of 28 million people. The company offers a strategic communications platform for advertisers and agencies in its three business verticals: commercial buildings, residential apartment buildings and shopping malls. Through relevant content, intensive data usage and real-time information, Elemidia sparks conversations that need to be had between consumers and brands to positively influence people’s lives. With flexibility, high segmentation capability and customized formats, Elemidia shows that every conversation is possible.


About Eletromidia

Founded in 1993, Eletromidia  is one of the leading companies in the Brazilian OOH media market. With operations in the transport, shopping mall, airport, newsstand and street furniture segments, the company is present in the largest urban centers in Brazil, with a daily audience of more than 16 million people. The company is also a leader in the number of panels in the country, with more than 40,000 advertising spaces in operation.


About H.I.G. Capital

H.I.G. is a global leader in private equity investments in mid-size companies, with more than $35 billion in under management. Based in Miami and with offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York and San Francisco and affiliate offices in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Bogota, London, Hamburg, Milan, Madrid and Paris, H.I.G. offers both credit and capital to mid-sized companies, using a flexible, cooperative approach focused on operational improvement:


  • H.I.G. equity funds invest in management buyouts, growth equity and carve-outs, not only for profitable companies, but also for restructuring companies.
  • H.I.G. credit funds invest in various types of debt financing (senior, unitranche and junior debt financing) for companies, both through direct financing and in the secondary market. H.I.G. is also a leader in managing Collaterized Loan Obligations, through its WhiteHorse family of vehicles, and it manages a public Business Development Company, WhiteHorse Finance.
  • H.I.G. real estate funds invest in premium assets that can benefit from best asset management practices.


Since its founding in 1993, H.I.G. has invested in and managed more than 300 companies globally. The current portfolio includes more than 100 companies.


About Victoria Capital Partners

Victoria Capital Partners  is an independent private equity firm, majority owned by its partners. Focused on private equity investments in South America, Victoria Capital was founded in 2007 as DLJ South American Partners and renamed Victoria in 2011, when its partners increased their ownership to a substantial controlling stake in the firm. To date, the firm has raised capital commitments in excess of $1.7 billion in aggregate. Victoria seeks significant capital appreciation through equity-related investments in leading, growth-oriented companies across its core markets in South American, mainly Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile. Victoria Capital Partners is managed by  one of the most experienced private equity teams in South America, members of which have been working together for an average of 17 years and have helped pioneer equity investing in the region beginning in 1995, providing investors with broad diversification.




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