Powered by Prohaska Consulting, regionally customized session will educate buyers and sellers on how to successfully transact programmatically


NEW YORK,  LONDON (September 1, 2020) – DPAA, the leading global trade marketing association connecting out-of-home media with the advertising community while moving OOH to digital, announced today it will hold a live-via-Zoom programmatic training course for the EMEA market on Tuesday, September 15 from 2-5 pm London/9am-Noon New York. The course has been developed and will be presented by Prohaska Consulting, the most experienced and largest global programmatic consulting firm.


Programmatic’s rapid growth in digital out-of-home (DOOH) media has risen to new levels in recent months with the need for brands to be nimble in quickly adjusting messages depending on local market conditions.


Participants in the programmatic training class will be asked to view three hours of pre-recorded content before the three-hour live course, which will include supply-side platform (SSP) and demand-side platform (DSP) demos, a review of the buyers’ marketplace, an overview of measurement attribution and a client interview. All six hours of pre-recorded and live content will be available on-demand to students following the live course.


Prohaska Consulting is providing the curriculum development, teaching materials and instructors. Students will learn the basics and history of programmatic advertising, how programmatic OOH is similar and differs from other digital and programmatic media channels, and step-by-step best practices on how to execute campaigns for their clients. The class will teach both theory and practice, providing live SSP and DSP demos.


VIOOH, a leading global digital out-of-home marketplace with headquarters in London, has signed on as the SSP sponsor. Hivestack, the world’s most advanced technology platform powering programmatic OOH buying and selling, is on board for this event as the DSP sponsor.


Registration and information for the session can be found here.


The DPAA-Prohaska programmatic education series began in November 2019 with a full-day course in New York City. The two organizations most recently partnered on a North America programmatic training technology session on August 19, 2020.


Barry Frey, President & CEO, DPAA, said, “Programmatic is a key underpinning of digital out-of-home’s standing as one of the fastest-growing of all ad media. As programmatic capabilities continue to expand, it is important that both buyers and sellers are fully conversant in the technology to enable brands to take full advantage of all that it has to offer in the form of customization and speed. Prohaska Consulting is at the forefront of programmatic training and we are thrilled to have them as our partner in this important initiative.”


Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal of Prohaska Consulting, added, “With so many companies now providing the essential technology to transact efficiently and effectively for reaching such valuable audiences in super environments, we have seen in other media channels in the past, just like DOOH today, that this is an ideal time to continue helping buyers and sellers understand the theory and practice of programmatic DOOH. We are proud to be presenting this session once again now in a unique way with such a great global organization and team as DPAA.”


The format of training both buyers and sellers during the same class has been tested for more than five years in other programs that Prohaska Consulting has led. Understanding and appreciating how each other conducts their job and challenges each team faces leads to more developed relationships and quicker resolutions on commercial or technical issues. Programmatic buying has expanded the past couple years around what is known as “open auction” transaction types, where many publishers’ inventory is available from many buyers. But the development of private transactions, delivering programmatic capabilities between one seller and one buyer, is the next natural phase of expansion, similar to what has been seen the past seven+ years in other digital media.


About Prohaska Consulting


Prohaska Consulting is the most-experienced global programmatic firm, with more than 75 full-time and freelance teammates serving more than 400 clients over the past six years. Winner of AdExchanger’s 2019 Best Programmatic Consulting Firm, the company has five distinct client vertical teams focused on guiding marketers, agencies, tech, publishers, trade groups and Investors, with more than 50 services helping clients with their tech, targets and/or talent.


Prohaska Consulting has trained more programmatic buyers and sellers than any other independent firm in the world. Offering an opportunity to develop valuable fundamentals and more-advanced knowledge from instructors with real-world experience. To learn more, visit www.prohaskaconsulting.com

About DPAA


DPAA is the leading global trade marketing association connecting out-of-home media with the advertising community while moving OOH to digital. Membership in the DPAA community brings many business acceleration benefits, including a wide array of products such as “DPAA Short Connects,” “DPAA Homeroom,” “DPAA Town Hall,” “DPAA Davos” and “DPAA Task Force.” DPAA also offers members an extensive database of research, best practices and case studies; tools for planning, training and forecasting; social media amplification of news; insights on software and hardware solutions; further integration into the advertising ecosystem as part of the video everywhere conversation and marketing campaign; and more.


DPAA’s 2020 Video Everywhere Summit will be held in October.


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