Stockholm, Sweden: Sanctuary Billboards, one of the leading out of home (OOH) media owners in Kuala Lumpur, has appointed DoohClick as its chosen OOH ad management partner.

The deal marks DoohClick’s entry into the Malaysia OOH media market following a year of expansion across Europe, South Africa and into the US. The partnership was secured by Giant Pumpkin, DoohClick’s partner in Southeast Asia.

Sanctuary will leverage DoohClick’s platform to enhance its sales, revenue, dynamic scheduling and reporting capability across its large format roadside portfolio. The company launched its first digital billboards in the first half of 2022 in response to growing industry demand.

CEO Paul Sapwell said: “Sanctuary prides itself on having some of the biggest and best located billboards in Kuala Lumpur city. To ensure that our digital rollout is best in class we are utilising the latest technology to build a uniform network, something that is being well received by advertisers.

“DoohClick’s ad management platform has improved Sanctuary’s quality of service. An enhanced and more detailed scheduling system allows us to meet a wider range of client needs while professional and precise reporting allows us to provide superior services on campaign delivery.”

DoohClick CEO Jonas Glad said: “As Sanctuary Billboards rolls out its digital portfolio, it’s important they have the best platform, tech systems and support in place to meet the challenges and monetise every opportunity.  Our new partnership with Sanctuary marks DoohClick’s entry into Malaysia and we look forward to working with the management team on the next stage of their journey.”

Market indicators show that DOOH is growing both in finite terms and in the increasing share of overall OOH media.

Ron Graham, Sanctuary management team member and regional director of Plan B Media said: “There are clear, fundamental factors underpinning potential growth including the digitisation of displays, data driven media planning and automation for more efficient media trading plus measurement. Sanctuary is actively pursuing each of these challenges.

“Working with DoohClick, we can demonstrate data for each asset, location parameters and audience delivery, whilst the platform help us with dynamic content management, play reporting and efficient information flows.

“OOH operators, brands and advertising agencies have a positive outlook for the future of DOOH in Malaysia, supported by adtech to deliver more efficient and effective advertising experiences.”





October 27 2022

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About DoohClick

Developed in Sweden over the past 10 years, Doohclick is a state-of-the-art ad tech platform and network for out of home (OOH) media owners and operators who are looking to modernise, democratise and monetise their business. DoohClick is a fully independent company providing new business opportunities and updating legacy OOH systems across nine markets.

Delivered via a single interface, DoohClick provides complete sales support, dynamic scheduling, improved analysis and fast reporting. The OOH industry is stronger together and beyond the platform, the founders are incubating an ecosystem of likeminded DoohClick members to advance industry standards and progress new and emerging ideas.