TORONTO December 16, 2020 Captivate, North America’s leading location-based digital video network, today announced the launch of Captivate | Ride — a strategic sales representation partnership with Portl Media, the in-car entertainment for the sharing economy. This new, exclusive partnership will leverage Portl Media’s growing network to help brands reach a valuable audience of young, high-earning consumers while they are en route in ridesharing vehicles.


Captivate, known best for its office building solution for nearly 25 years, began expanding their sales efforts beyond the traditional work setting and into residential via MaxTV and IHN earlier this year. Now with the launch of Captivate | Ride, Captivate provides advertisers with further access into the customer journey through a new, captive environment with minimal distraction. This partnership provides a competitive advantage for brands to deliver targeted messaging across 1,000 digital displays in Uber and Lyft vehicles throughout Toronto and Vancouver.


“As consumers readjust their daily routine, it’s imperative to meet them along their entire journey,” said Barb Huggett, General Manager at Captivate Canada. “We are excited to partner with an innovative company like Portl Media to deliver another impactful environment for advertising partners to reach valuable consumers during moments of work, live and play.”


Advertisers can also target preferred audiences within the Captivate | Ride network by time of day, day of week and geographic proximity including DMA and neighborhood.



About Captivate

For nearly 25 years, Captivate has been the leading location-based digital video office network. Known for its vast network of elevator and large format displays throughout North America, Captivate engages millions of modern professionals with timely news, actionable information and relevant advertising placement. Captivate is now leveraging this expertise beyond the office and extending its reach to valuable audiences where they work, live and play. Whether it’s at home, on the golf course, at the point of care or wellness, Captivate continues to deliver a premium, brand safe advertising experience in a 100% viewable and fraud free captive environment. Founded in 1997, Captivate is owned by Generation Partners. For more information, please visit


About Portl Media

Portl is a network of content/advertising/commerce-enabled tablets in rideshare vehicles (Uber + Lyft). Our network of connected screens eliminates idle time by providing media and entertainment options to riders who are experiencing idle time. A proprietary, easily installable hardware and software package delivers geo-located, contextual partnered content while collecting and measuring user behaviour. Portl was most recently named “Notable Startup of the year” & “Canada’s most promising startup” at the NACO World Investment Summit. For more information, please visit